my 23 yo daughter had a c-section 6-5-08 after preeclampsia during her late 2nd and 3rd trimester. Her legs were grossly swollen during this time and she wore antiembolism stockings until the delivery. She c/o pain on the top of her left foot where most of the swelling pooled before the delivery. Since the delivery the swelling is worse. It flows back into her legs when we elevate her feet. She says when we elevate her legs it makes her feet lighter because normally they are so heavy and tight. She received a continuous dose of Magnesium at the start of the c-section until the next day around 5pm. She is home now 6-8-08 and this is day 4 post c-section. My concern is blood clots. 1. Should she still be wearing the antiembolism stockings?(Ted Hose) 2. What should I be looking for to indicate blood clots?3. Should she be on an aspirin? 4. When should we go back to the hospital? She c/o pain mostly at the incision site and I give her motrin xtra strength. Her ankles feel warm and her left foot is still very tender on top.Also both legs and feet are still swollen.