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My neck has been swollen for about a month on the right side. It causes vertigo and can be quite painful sometimes. I had an ultrasound performed last week and the results state that yes it's swollen but benign.
How can they tell that by doing such an examination?



I think that they can say that. However I think that they have to find the underlying cause of the swelling. Lymph nodes swell if there is some infection present in the body. When they swell they tend to be painful as well. You said you are having this for one month now. Is it growing still? Have you noticed any changes in the size?

If the enlargement of the supraclavicular lymph node is presented then the underlying cause could be from lungs of upper GI tract. Have you been having any problems in lungs or upper GI tract? I think that you should ask from your doctor to run some more test just to be sure that the swelling will go away.