hi im a 16 year old girl and i have been experincing alot of neck and back pain for the past 2 years....the pain is mostly in my shoulder blades and shoulder area and on my neck when im sitting or standing, when im laying down my shoulder area ussualy feels better but then i get sharp pains in my lower back around the spine and still having neck pain. i am a 10th grade student so i do cary a book bag, it is a bit heavy but not too bad. the pain is ussualy everyday throughout the day, it ussualy hurts more at night and in the morning though. i havent been in any accidents lately, the last accident i was in was when i was 10 i fell backwards down a stair attic which was about a 10 foot drop, i broke my left arm then but thats the only time iv really been in a accident. i dont think that caused this pain because it was a few years ago and i didnt notice any back pain then. i have gone to a chriropractor for about 30 days and it made it a little better but not much...then i went to my doctor and they told me i shuld go to physical therapy, i went to that for a while but it still didnt seem to get much better, i have done the excersises everyday they told me to do but nothing seems to really help me much. im wondering whats wrong with me? i do sit alot because i use the computer ALOT and also ussualy sitting or laying on my desk at school. also in biology i ave to sit on a stool which dosent have a back to it so im constantly leaning on the table for about 90 mins a day, it seems to make it worse. does any1 have any suggestions for me on how i can fix this pain or know wats causing it? also iv noticed alot of girls at my school cary shoulder bags to put their books in now instead of back packs, should i try the shoulder bag or would that just cause more pain on my shoulder? any help would be much apreciated