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Hi anyone able to tell me what could be problem, I have high heart rate 100-130 everyday when I get up, I am on beta blockers which decrease it to 88-94, without these it does not go down, I get pressure feeling on my chest and throat and on exertion this gets worse and I get short of breath. I have had 24 hour heart monitor which showed the tachycardia but ECGs etc show normal apart from the high heart rate. I have fibromyalgia and am trying to come off Amitriptylline as it can cause tachycardia, as yet no difference, only now fibromyalgia is flared up! I am awaiting an echocardiagram but GP and Cardiologist cannot find cause as yet - anyone experience similar or know what this is????


Hi, I know it's over a year ago but I'm wondering if you ever got any answers about this for yourself?  I myself have a similar problem for almost a year but medications don't work for me as I am in the percentage that meds don't work for my heart arrythymia.  My cardiologist sent me over to a Electrophysiologist and he is going to do a cardiac ablation for a probable 'inappropriate sinus tachycardia syndrome'.  How you explain your symptoms is how I feel daily with even more symptoms on top of those too.


So I do understand!