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I am 21 weeks and 2 days.. for the last couple of days i have been having pressure and pain at the end of my tailbone. I havent fell or bumped it in any way. It is to the point where i cant hardly sit down flat on my bottom, and this morning i started getting really strong pressure at my vigina. I havent spotted or anything so i dont know what could be causing all the pain.


Hi! I also have it! I was very worried about it at first and I had to see my doctor about it. She told me that tailbone pain during pregnancy is common because uterus increase and stretching damage uterosacral ligaments that expend from cervix to the tailbone. This causes weakness and pain of the tailbone.

She told me not to worry as it won’t interfere with my labor. I also have troubles sitting, getting out of bed, and sometimes during a longer walk.

I myself have a slight pressure on my vagina. My doc says this is because baby’s head going into the birth canal, preparing to get out and that I shouldn’t worry. However, vaginal pressure could be indicating premature delivery or just uterus expanding, which is more likely to be in your case. Good luck with your pregnancy!