On the September 30, the carrot juice produced by the Bolt-house Farms in Bakersfield, California, was taken off shelves after 4 people who drank the juice developed botulism, an illness caused by a potent bacterial toxin that causes muscle weakness or paralysis.

Another two cases have been hospitalized in Canada but it is not known if the victims knew each other or not and if they used the same container. The laboratory records confirmed that the carrot juice the patients used was positive for the botulism toxin.

All the patients who got sick after drinking the juices developed paralyses and it is known that the US patients are attached to ventilators while the Canadians’ condition is not known.

Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice, Earthbound Farm Organic Carrot Juice and President's Choice Organics 100% Pure Carrot Juice with a best-before date before Nov. 11 have been recalled.

Botulism causes paralysis that further impairs breathing capabilities and may force patients onto ventilators like it happened to the four American patients. About 10% of people who develop botulism die of the disease and complications.

If you drank carrot juices recently, you should watch for symptoms like slurred speech, difficulty swallowing and double vision. The symptoms occur between 18 to 36 hours of eating or drinking a contaminated substance. Those who start developing similar symptoms and have drunk the juices should consult their doctors instantly and those people who have the carrot juices with a best-before date prior to Nov. 11 should get rid of them.