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I have missed my period over two weeks ago and for over two weeks ive been having creamy discharge. Alot of it! Today its a little bit clearer. Its not an infection as it doesnt itch, smell or burn. Im getting a few pains in my sides and bottom of my back. Also have sore boobs (only started being sore about 4days ago). Thats about it really. Taken a few tests all negative except one that had a faint line. Taken more after that and still negative :/ anyone think i am pregnant or what it could be please? Thank you guys :)


Hi Lishaa,

It's honestly really hard too say if you are pregnant or if these are PMS symptoms as the both mimic each other.  Now, if you are pregnant it is too early to test and would have to wait until around the 4 week mark to get an accurate result on the urine test, that is usually when the HCG is high enough in your body to read on a test.

I know it's disappointing to not get a positive or negative confirmation right now but it is time that will tell if you are or not.

Good luck and hope this helps.  Fingers and toes crossed for you!