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I have been taking up to 60 Nurofen + a day. Went to see drugs councillor/doctor and he suggested putting me on Methadone. Each Nurofen + tablet contains 12.8mg codeine & 200mg Ibuprofen. Fortunately there has been no damage done to my body - yet?! Liver and kidneys working fine which was a relief! The doctor suggested I start taking either Methadone or Subutex to get me off Nurofen. Always had the impression Methadone was as bad as heroin & don't like the thought of taking it. (Stupid as I've been stuffing myself with painkillers for years, without feeling 'weird' about it!!) Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions as to which may be the best to take, i.e, Methadone or Subutex? Would be really grateful to get a reply as I have to see him tomorrow and I need to make up my mind - fast! Thanks for taking time to read this!



I've never tried Methadone or Subutex so I can't say for sure, I've read that Methadone is meant to be v. hard to get off - you'll be taking it every day instead of the N+ tablets.

Granted it's much better for your body than all that Ibuprofen o_O

Have you tried going "cold turkey" from the codeine? I have tried and failed a few times, this is like my third time now (4th day... feel like sh*t)
it might be worth a try... it is bad for at least a week and you crave the stuff for months afterwards (I was off it for over a month, felt fine, got bored one day and got hooked again that night...)
I'd rather be rid of opiates for good than taking methadone/subutex