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Do they hurt when you fist try them?

Can you use them with a very heavy period?

How often do you have to change them?

Do you not even feel them when they're inside you if they're put in right?

Could they get stuck in there?

Do they feel weird when put in?

You see, I'm going to a party tomorrow, and I have a bad period. I've never used a tampon, and I'm wanting to try it. And they have a pool. It's going to be hot, and I'm going to want to swim. I'm really scared to try a tampon, but I really want to too.


Jeez everyone. Thanks for caring. T_T


Tampons dont hurt at all. It might feel a bit weird inserting it, but once its in you feel nothing at all. its painless!

you can use them with a heavier period. there are special packs designed to suit heavier flows. if your flow is heavier, then its best to change them more often. Most tampons can be worn up to 8 hours, although its safer, and best to change them every 4 to 6 hours. Read the packet carefully, to avoid the risk of TSS (toxic shock syndome, which happens if you leave it in too long and it gets all infected which is totally gross) but if you follow the instructions, you will be safe!

once inserted you cant feel them there at all. that is the appeal of a tampon, its so comfortable compared to walking about wearing a huge pad all day! :-P

it CANNOT travel and get lost in the body (theres nowhere for it to go!) the only time it gets stuck is if the removal cord curls up into the vagina, however, this HARDLY EVER HAPPENS! seriously, its so rare! if it does, simply relax and remove it with your fingers, no biggie :-) (a bit messy though id expect :S)

(but it feels the same as sticking a finger up there inserting them. once its in place you cant feel it at all.)

Dont worry about using them. once you have you will wonder why you never did before. they are so much more comfortable!

hope this helps!


1. they might hurt a little when you first try them but not to much.

2. you might want to use the super tampons with a heavy period

3. change them every 4-8 hours

4. i've never had one get stuck

5. yes they do kinda feel weird when your putting them in but just let out a deep breath while your putting them in and make sure they are all the way in..

hope this helps


Just a clear up to the answer involving TSS,
TSS is not because of the time a person uses a tampon.
It's the absorbency of the tampon.
Use a tampon with the minimum absorbency needed to control your menstrual flow.
Basically, the higher the absorbency, the higher the risk of getting TSS.

[if, as a presume, being your first time using a tampon, the holes not gonna be used to things up there.]
Try using Tampax Pearl. That's the first one I used. It's plastic, and super smooth, so it's much easier than using tampons like o.b. or a cardboard applicator where the rough cotton sticks out from the tip.