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Last Saturday my partner and I took a pregnancy test which was positive. We repeated this with a clear blue test which was 2-3 weeks. I had cramps for a few days but the doctor on Tuesday said it didn't mean anything, and that I was 5 weeks. On Tuesday afternoon I had then started to bleed, quite light at first but ended up in a&e ( to check it over) where the bleeding became heavier and eventually clots, socking 5 pads in 3 hours. However they refused to scan me as I was less than 6 weeks, they then told me to take another test at 6.5 weeks but obviously we are quite impatient waiting! Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi Maddy,

Ignore the dates on a home test, they don't mean anything, as your doctor said.  They are an ESTIMATE based upon the level of hCG, the pregnancy hormone.  It varies and is not a reliable indicator of how far along you are.

Timing starts on the day your last period started.  We don't base how far along you are on when you conceived as that varies.

As to your question, from your description it is unlikely that you are still pregnant.  You likely had a miscarriage.  They are VERY common early, more so than most women believe. 

It is early for an ultrasound.  Just finding the sac can be a challenge.  Waiting another few days to a week improves the results.

A home test would still indicate pregnant, either way.  It takes time for the hCG levels to drop.

Good luck.  Hope it helps.