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Ok. I in general feel pregnant. Sore breasts, dark circles around nipples, pressure/cramps, headches every morning, nauseous every night around 10/1030, and soooo irritable but 4 negative hpt's. And last week I had bleeding, almost like a period but darker and lighter than normal yet it was right on time. I'm very confused. If you did find out you were preg and had the same symptoms, how long til I could get a positive test? I'm not one to rush to a doctor every time something happens so id rather be sure before I go. P.s. I have no idea of how far along I would be.


Have you done a HPT but using your first urine sample for the day?  HCG (pregnancy hormone) are more concentrated at this time.  Might I suggest the brand, First Response.  Its a lil more expensive but make sure and use your FIRST urine sample of the day, and its guaranteed to give you an accurate response.  I had similar symptoms as you when I was very early pregnant.  I also felt dizzy when I didin't eat and didn't know why I almost fainted twice.  I also got a bleed as well and thought it was my regular cycle, but it was different-lighter and lasted for a shorter time.  I later discovered this is called an implantation bleed.  The breast tenderness and nausea are sure signs of increased HCG levels in your body.  Hope this is helpful.  If this branded test is negative, then your not preggy,  and if you still want further confirmation just go to a lab and get a blood test done.