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I am 57 years old. About one and a half years ago I noticed a hard round lump "in" the top of my left testicle that appeared virtually over night. I attributed it to be an injury the I received during a roofing job. (sitting and working on the roof peak for a long time). The lump didn't go away over time and remained constant in size and was painless. Worried I mentioned it to my doctor and after palpating it he sent me for an ultrasound test. The radiologist who read the scan felt it is a testicular lymphoma. In the interim my doctor had placed me on strong antibiotics in case it was some chronic infection that traveled there. After about 1 week of antibiotic therapy the lump started to shrink to about one third its original size and is sometimes hard to find. My question is that if I really have a testicular lymphoma I find it hard to believe that it would have gotten noticeable smaller. I thought that cancer keeps growing and growing. I have been placed on another round of antibiotics to be followed by another comparison ultrasound. If the results are not satifactory then I am informed that the testicle will be removed and the biopsy done. Hate to have this done if the lump is caused by some other condition which appeared to be responding to the antibiotics. Additionally no tumor markers were found in blood tests. %-) ?


Hey man, I understand your agony. I also wouldn’t want to have my testicle removed for nothing. I have a lump on epididymis, in the testicle, I can feel it and it’s been the same size ever since it appeared. An ultrasound should it is spermatocele. It’s not causing me any pain but just knowing it’s there is not so pleasant.

Cysts like mine, spermatocele, do not react to antibiotics (not that I know of) as I suppose I would be offered such treatment. I wasn’t offered any treatment because they said it is not necessary.

If you think that your cyst i.e bump is reacting to antibiotics, you may look for a second opinion if these doctors decide to remove your testicle.
But if it is a lymphoma, it should be done as soon as possible.

I know that if lymphoma shows up in testicles, it is actually a secondary cancer that had spread to the testicles but if no tumor markers appeared in the blood test, I reckon you are ok.

Anyway, I hope everything goes well with you. Keep us posted!