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Hello, I'm a 21 y/o with no prior history of testicular problems or STDs. The night after driving home (2 hrs) for Thanksgiving Break, I began experiencing a dull pain/soreness/ache in my left testicle while trying to sleep. I shrugged it of and the feeling went away, until 2-3 pm the next day, while sitting in the car for 30/45 min. It hurt the rest of the day and felt heavy, and the epiditymus felt sort of swollen. The next day, it hurt all day really bad. I spent a long time in the car in jeans bcause I had to drive far for Thanksgiving. The next day, my right testicle began to hurt in a similar fashion, but they don't feel heavy anymore. Either way, they hurt whenever they move or I'm sitting in the car (even when I I go over a bump) I tried making a doc. appointment, but he was not around for the break and I go back to school for 2 weeks until Xmas break. What should I do here? Is this just a minor strain or something to check out?

A bit more on the symptoms:

I sometimes feel it a bit where the back of the scortum meets the base of the penis (sort of in the grundel area)

I sometime feel a dull pain in the pubic bone - - sometimes even where my inner leg joint is

Sometimes It feelsl ike its on the back of the testicle

It often does not hurt in the morning at first

Any help would be greatly appreciated?


Also, it should be noted that I don't feel anything different within the scrotum, but the left "sperm tube" does feel bigger and more swollen than usual. There is no different on the outside however.


Dear DR311,

It sounds like you make have some inflammation of the vas deferens.
We have developed a multi-diciplinary clinic for patients with chronic testicular pain at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. There are some new treatment options available for men with chronic testicular pain - we have developed a new option called robotic microsurgical neurolysis of the spermatic cord. We perform an outpatient minor procedure (through a tiny groin incision) where we transect the fine nerves that are responsible for the sensation of pain from the testicle. We believe that in patients with chronic testicular pain - these nerves malfunction and trigger at a very low threshold - thus giving extreme pain - despite no definable abnormality on imaging studies.