Hello. Im new to this but im in desperate need of some answers.  Please no bashing, or rude answers... I know what ive done is wrong, and Its tearing me up inside and I cannot stop crying and thinking about it.. im 29 weeks pregnant,  I am prescribed xanax, I do not take them everyday just here and there as needed sometimes in larger doses than I should :(, I was also prescribed oxycodone during weeks 20+ due to a hip injury... I used to smoke marijuana before pregnant but I slipped and smoked for a week straight once a day around 24 weeks. I am beyond worried about the health of my unborn child. I am also worried about them doing a meconium poop test on my child once born and them taking my baby. Can anybody give me some insight on this? I am from Pennsylvania,  western PA to be exact. I know what I have done is wrong,  I am doing my best to stop my xanax being im in my 3rd trimester. I have NOT done anything else a accept that slip at 24 weeks..I am just ultimately worried of this and need some answers. I have not told my doctor nor anyone else.. i do not have a drug history, never failed a urine test nor any reason for them to assume I was using. I do have 2 other children ages 4 and 3 and I live in a great neighborhood... I just ultimately feel like c**p I know I screwed up and I feel horrible :( :( :( like I mentioned please no bashing I know what I did was wrong and I know i am a terrible mother for this..