Thank you everyone for your posts..

I am a 22 year young female and I blackout anytime I have about 2 or more mixed drinks of liquor in a short period of time. I drink about once a month at most. As you can tell I tried the experiment to see at what point I start to get the feeling of about to blackout. Now all I drink is beer or one mixed drink every 4 hours if I choose to drink but most times I stick to energy drinks..Everyone has different limits it is up to you to know it..

I decided I had to make this change for myself after being raped and robbed while being blacked out. It is sad that I have been blacking out since I was 16 when my father passed away n had have sex with a lot of strange men that I normally would not do, bit, punched, said real mean things to my friends, split my chin open and got stitches and it took getting raped n robbed for me to stop..If I would have continued I am sure I would have died.

To the person wanting to help your friend..I am glad that you want to help but he/she has to help themselves..I have had many people who wanted to help me and I resisted and looked at them like they have no idea what I am going through. Talk to them about it but don't stop being their friend because of it, because when they are ready to change they will need a true friend for support.