I am 26 and a male, I have a medical condition I've had my whole life that causes me to blackout. Doctors diagnosed it as seizure but after years of test and a better understanding of the symptoms forced them to rule them out. The problem is that every now and then suddenly out of the blue I have a sudden boost of mental pep of hype, like my body is releasing something, without any noticable physical symptoms. When this happens if I stay calmed down then the hype fades over a few seconds, but if I get stress or bothered by the way I feeling or that the condition is acting up it causes the intensity to start growing, it feels just like suddenly becoming stress out. As it starts growing within a matter of 5 to 10 seconds I get to a point that I Blackout. While blackout I can walk around and do things but I act like I am on drugs or something, by talking out of my head and doing things that don't make sense. I don't seem to have cordination problems I don't fall or seem dizzy. I act a little scared every now and then. I stay this way for a couple of minutes and gradually come to. If the situation becomes dramatic like people causing a scene because they don't understand it causes me to stay blacked out until things calm down. I used to only have a few a year but a few years ago I started feeling different, my emotions got so weak that I have since rarly been infuenced by emotions, happy sad or scared,, and since they act up every day. I have noticed I have certain days where I wake up feeling different, I can weakly feel my emotions, and for what ever reason they act up all day every couple of hours or so. On these days because of the emotions its hard to control like they used to be before, so I blackout every time. But as I keep blacking out I gradually feel more different, emotionally, and after blacking out 3 or 4 times I blackout for a shorter period of time and recover faster. Then the next time one hits it starts growing intense and I am overwelmed by it and I get a little mentally dazed but after a few second into it, it kind of peaks and things start calming down. I am a little pepped up at first but it wears off too. I think it is some kind of homones or chemical being suddenly released that influences how things change mentally for a few second and if I get stressed it causes me to get like people do under drastic stress and it takes a few minutes to calm down then I come to. I have taken anxiety meds but the intensity and suddeness of them aren't affected by it at all. Any ideas?