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My daughter, (who is 21), was put on Adderall a few months back. She likes to drink, (sometimes a lot), and had consumed a lot of alcohol since she has turned 21. Her tolerance obviously was getting higher and higher. Since she was prescribed Adderall, (which she also takes Celexa), her personality and attitude changes dramatically when she drinks. First, she is real warm and fuzzy one minute and then super combative the next....back and forth....back and forth. The effects of the alcohol seem to last well into the next day. She insists she isn't drunk, (and when I say insists....I mean INSISTS). However, as the sober one in the conversation when I am watching her slur her words, repeat herself endlessly and show the Jeckyll & Hyde personality....I am extremely concerned. When she does sober is like she has no idea what I am even talking about and denies half of what she did. Has anyone else either experienced or seen someone experience this type of behavior. I've explained to her that these drugs mixed with alcohol are not a good idea, but she thinks I am being an over-bearing over-protective mother. Any information that you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Hello lamaconcernedmom,

After reading your story, I felt the need to share my experience. I myself am 22 years old, and I have been taking Adderall (30 mg) for over 2 years now. To add on to that, I am also on Fluoxetine (20mg). Being oh so "lucky,"

I get buzzed quickly from a drink, but it starts to diminish unless I keep going. (That's when the Adderall comes into play as it is most likely making me stay up longer than necessary and prompting me to drink more. I also find that I black out very easily. My friends tell me I am the nastiest person when I drink. I become very angry, violent, and at some point I will want to attack you. However, when I'm not drinking, I am very calm and happy. It's a really tough battle for me because I act like a very cruel person when I drink and I never have any recollection of it in the morning. Do you think your daughter may be blacking out and that's why she denies her actions, or do you think she's simply in denial? I know I just need to stop, but that is an entirely different battle. Basically, I have always wondered if I act crazy (cause I never used to) when I'm drunk due to the Adderrall. It also makes me wonder if I black out because of the Adderall.

My thought is the only way to really stop her from behaving that way is to give one of them up. With months and months of trying to find a resolution, I find this to be the only one.

Just wanted to reach out and let you know that you're not alone, and your daughter most likely doesn't approve of the way she's acting. Sounds like she's got an addiction like me and needs help. This will only change with her wanting it to.