The past two weeks I have been getting early pregnancy symptoms. Sore breasts, pains in breast and stpmach that lasted a few seconds, backache, dark veins on breasts leading to nipples, feel sick and sleepy and urinating more frequently. I also spotted a few days ago but last night when I wiped there was a streak of pinkish blood and today I started bleeding heavy. I've never bled like this before and my periods usually start lightly. In the blood there was a dark jelly type blood looking thing, it was bigger than a 50p coin and it come out of me pretty fast and I felt it happen which made me rush to the bathroom straight away. (Sorry for the tmi) This is unusual for me and my breasts never have veins on them, especially not leading to the nipples. Also my areolas seem slightly darker and the bumps are more visible. If anyone can give me their opinion it would be greatly appreciated