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Hi, I'm 26, female. My breasts are bigger! Not that i'm complaining, but I'd like to make sure these aren't a sign of something wrong.

They are not tender or sore at all, but they do itch mostly in the nipples. There are no lumps as I can feel.

But both of my breasts got larger and have changed shape (fuller and heavier) and so have the areolas, they grew to match my new set. The areolas got whiter, and my nipples are a tad darker. Now my areolas have gone back to their original color, but the size of areolas and breasts haven't gone down.

I am not working out (even though I should, I just walk a lot...and I mean a lot. I enjoy it.), and I am not gaining or losing weight.

I hate salt so I do watch my intake of that. I watch what I eat and haven't changed anything I normally eat since October of 2009... I'm a creature of habit...

I am 2 weeks away from having my period as scheduled.

I am not on birth control and never was, and I got a negative pregnancy test. So why could my boobs be growing suddenly? this happened within the last 2 months.

Thanks for any advice!


Actually honey, enlarged breast and growing aerolas are the BIGGEST indicator of either Pregnancy or a hormonal imbalance - such as Ovarian Cysts! I think you should wait till closer to your expected period then go to your doctor and have a blood test! There is DEFINITELY something hormonal going on here! And itchy breasts is from growing skin and tissue! Please let me know how you make out OK? Good luck and health!


What happpend? Did u find out if you were pregnant?