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Ever since about three months ago when I took the morning after pill, my menstrual cycle has changed. Now, about a week and a half before my period, I get a very faint, pinkish discharge that lasts a couple of days. Along with this, I have noticed a change in the smell of my vagina/vaginal discharge.

It smells similar to the discharge my vagina used to secret a couple days before my period, back before I tookt he morning after pill. Only this is a persistent smell. PERSISTENT. No amount of showering, (and I only use soap on all the external bits, no douching or anything) seems to change the fact that very soon after my vagina stinks! I can step out of the shower with all of th enice clean aromas in the air and still smell my underwear a few feet away on the tiles! I am always aware of it, I can always smell it when I'm standing or sitting, and it is very embarassing. It no longer smells like it used to - a faint, body odour smell - it smells more like foot odour and that bloody-type smell a vagina has during pms.

I am wondering if this may at all be anything else, (I have had unprotected sex with a friend of mine a few times) or if anybody has experienced something similar after taking the morning after pill?? Or does anybody have a vagina that smells very much like foot odour? (it's awful!)

Thanks for listening and I hope you're not repulsed too much.


Did you ever get an answer? For the first time in my life, I have experienced a smelly foot order vagina. What the heck?! I was treated for UAT previously at the same time my period started. Then, the smelly vagina started. I am seeing a doctor soon. I was wondering if there is a remedy.