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There is a tingling sensation in my nipples and pimple like things have also appeared in my breasts. My right nipple sort of sags down and I have a rash type thing ong my right breast, what should I do?


Hello Kelsey,

I'm sure you know this yourself, but the only way to know for sure what is causing the rash and changes in your right breast is seeing a doctor. There is a large number of reasons that might be behind this rash - from allergic reaction to shower gel or even laundry detergent, to reactions to some substance your bra might be releasing. Depending on your age and family history, it might be necessary for you to get a mammogram - imaging that enables doctors to see if everything is OK with the breast tissue, or in case this is caused by irritation, you'll need a dermatologist to look at the rash and determine what's causing it.

Wish you all the best and hope you get help soon,