Hi , The Ifirst time I had this in June 2012 I woke up through the night at 3am with chest pains & really thought I was having a heart attack . I was shattered but soldiered on & went to work , whilst at work "I started at 8am" , the pain seemed to get worse & I saw my boss & rang Nhs direct who advised work to call for a ambulance . They came & gave my ECG tests & confirmed it was acid reflux & gave me tablets called lansoprazole . I could not believe that acid could be causing so much pain , feels just like someone's pushing their fist right in the centre of my chest & you cannot lie down or selttle at all , just don't know what to do with yourself . I find that I need to go to the loo for no 2s & it's as if it's got to be expelled from your body before you feel better . I don't get it much say every 2 months & when it happens it's just awful . I'm trying to keep a dairy if the food I eat to see if something's triggering it . I had a attack last night & I've not really eaten anything weird . I'm at the Drs tomorrow for a blood test as he mentioned a stomach bug maybe . Any help world be appreciated , I'm 48 & in good health . Thank you