I went to the OBGYN 2 days ago and they did an ultrasound of my uteris and said i have a very thick uterine wall.  I already knew that i had endometriosis and pre cancer cells (without the HPV virus) on my overys and my cervics. She says she will retest for the HPV but it came back negitive tfor the virus last time so they did no futher testing. Im kind of worried with all these things going wrong with me that they keep on telling me  and not giving straight answers or even checking to she if i have developed cancer naturally without the hpv virus. I have had the pre cancer cell, from what i know of, since i was 16 years old. Should i be worried being the my family on both sides has a history of cancer and all i have heard about was cancer with a thickened uterine wall??? any advice would be useful please. Thanks