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i cant believe im not the only person with this issue. Im 23 years old and these very unusual and awkward symptoms have been ruining my life since i was 17 years old. Its so weird. Not only does my family thinks im crazy but every single doctor i reach out to thinks im crazy as well. I especially hate it when they make psychological references. This pulling & Tightness feeling is only emanating from the left side of my face and its so bad that it actually does have psychological effects. Im not crazy! but these stmptoms are driving me up the wall!! im too young to be experiencing this. Feels like my youth is going down the drain! im so self concious and depressed. For so many years.... And i use to be a very exuberant & confident guy. Everyone is wondering what happened to me. These symptoms are tangible and i refuse to give up until i rid myself from these dreadful symptoms. The quality of my life has been sapped. These symptoms, this chronic ailment prevents me from living my life happily. Glad to hear that im not the only one. The longer someone has to put up with this the psychological effect takes its toll. Ps. I forgot to add that I've never had vision problems my entire life and now suddenly i need prescription glasses. As these symptoms radiate from the left side of my neck into the left side of my face and irritates my eye.


Hello Brandon,

Sounds like you have a neurological dysfunction.  You might try going to a specialist such as a neurologist.  They can run some tests to see why you're having such sensations.  And, no you don't sound crazy to me but I can understand having difficulty with those symptoms.  See if you can find a neurologists that has a lot of experience with head and neck issues.  I'm sure he/she can figure out what is wrong.  You need to hang in there and keep going until you find someone who can help you.  Make sure to describe your symptoms as clearly as you can and anything that might have happened to you when you first got these symptoms.  Best of luck to you.