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Hi. I was on the celebrity juice diet couple of times. This is detox diet where you basically drink only juice and water for 48 hours. You are allowed to drink only 6 glasses of the juice (8oz) and as much water as you need. First time I lost 10lbs, and the time 8lbs. Plus it cleaned me pretty good. But the problem is, the weight comes immediately back on, within a day. Has anyone here tried any of the detox diets? Do they work for weight loss or just for cleaning the body? I'd appreciate answers and suggestions for alternative diet.


Hi. Detox diets are efficient because they almost always lead to weight loss. However, once you start eating regularly again, the weight you lost during the detox diet usually comes straight back on. And that's the biggest downside and flaw of this diet. Because, detoxing is what its name says - flushing out toxins out of your body, i.e. cleansing. It does not change the habits that cause weight gain in the first place.Also, there is no scientific proof that detox diets can rid your body of toxins any more effectively than othr methods. Moreover, strict detox diets done over longer periods of time can have the opposite effect - they can be bad for your health. Your body needs a balanced range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to function correctly, and that's the key to weight loss and healthy life.