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Hey guys I've had this problem for about a year. There's two lumps under my jaw bone, about 4 inches from my chin. Now it hasn't really worried me until now but tonight one has been hurting me and i'm really worried. It also feels like theres a vein coming out from them or around them that weren't there last year. They have been there for around 2 years and i haven't worried about them until now. What could it be? Hoping its not cancer, 2 years is leaving it a bit late. Thinking now i should have gone when they first appeared. The thing that made me NOT go was the fact that they somtimes shrink and grow.

I wake up sometimes and have a gag reflex and my throat turns dry. Its getting to a stage where i can't stand it anymore

Cheers guys


Guys still wouldn't mind your input but i think it may be Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which means the Lymphoma nodes around my body have become infected which is why i am feeling veiny tissue around my body.