Im a 14 year old boy and for about the past year or so my throat and stomach has felt quite uncomfortable. I often feel as if there is a build up of mucus in the back of my throat. Also my stomach has felt a bit bubbly and bloated sometimes. I also throw up a bit in my mouth sometimes and it completely burns my throat. My chest sometimes gets sharp pains. Ive felt a bit weak too but my mother always tells me thats because I dont eat right. A doctor hasn't told me that it is acid reflux but I've read everywhere that my symptoms are symptoms of GERD. Also ive felt that I need to put more of a strain on myself to talk to people because my words often dont come out or they are silent but idk if thats just puberty or what. If anyone could help me out and make me feel better about myself so I dont think im dying... a reply would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this was a long complaint but I just needed to tell people and my mom won't take me to the doc because she thinks im a hypochondriac :( thanks for your time