For the past couple of days I have been experiencing a tightness or feeling of extreme fullness at the back of my throat after meals. The problem is I'm not eating a lot! This feeling of fullness or constriction leads to the feeling that I am expending added energy to breath which is extremely uncomfortable. I've notcied its worse when sitting especially hunched over like when at my laptop and best when standing/walking. I've been looking around the web and thought it might be a hiatal hernia issue since I have an underlying condition (enlarged kidney) that could be taking up extra abdominal space and I'm over weight, but I am not experiencing any other symptoms such as acid reflux or abdominal/chest pain. The only other symptoms I can imagine are maybe a slight increase in belching and I get reflux of food into my mouth after meals but I've been experiencing that for years and its never acidic or troublesome. I've moved recently and am in the process of getting registered for health care and what not so anyone have any insight into this and any quick fixes or tips to dealing while I wait for a doctor's appointment? Thank you for any help.