I have been having frequent neck and throat pain for almost two months. It started with a vague feeling of something stuck in my left lower throat. This has wrosened to the point where I always feel something stuck in my throat and lower tongue and lots of pain in my left ear, cheek, mandible and teeth. Also, my left neck is swollen and there are some lymph nodes that are swollen too. They have been there for more than a month. All of this is accompanies by severe sternum and rib pain that won't go away.

I have been given antibiotics, which did not help. Pain pills (Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, Norflex) do not minimize the pain. I have seen two ENT's and they say there is nothing wrong with my throat, but it is way too painful and bothersome for it to be nothing!

I have also been treated with antacids because my GP thought it could be acid reflux, but the chest and throat pain are still there.