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I am only 18 years old and a male. Recently iv been feeling tired and weak everyday. I dont feel like doing anything at all and i do not enjoy doing active things i used to do. I get sweaty palms, feet, fever feeling, dizzyness,headaches, loss of apetite, and muscle pains.
I hope i do not have a a thyroid dissorder beacuse i feel like it will ruin my life. I have visted a endocrinologist and they took blood also i have got xray scans done on my thyroid but the results do not come out until august. I DONT understand how i could get this but these symptoms just came out of no where. could it be possible?


Its quite possible that you may have hypothyroidism. I myself have been getting checked several times a month at the doctors because the TSH levels in my blood were low leading to hyperthyroidism. While left untreated thyroid disease can affect your life greatly, but if you continue to see the doctor you will be fine, treatment is very easy. They will either give you thyroid hormone regulating medicine, which you will take until your thyroid levels go back into the normal range, and then they will work to stay in that range.

Or another alternative is radioactive iodine, which simply kills the thyroid without actually having to physically remove it. And then you will take thyroid hormone injections for the rest of your life. Either way, the treatment is not bad, and it will be well worth the relief from your current symptoms.

Hope this was helpful.