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Hello everyone!

It's been awhile since I posted so I'll start from the beginning but make short and quick. About 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with a multinodular goiter. I don't have the exact measurement of my thyroid with me, but I do know that on my right side it was 1.7 cm. So I had a thyroid uptake scan done back in 2010 and it came back borderline upper normal. I had a biopsy done and it came back negative. Both the endo and my ENT just saw keep monitoring it.

Last year I did another uptake scan and it came back normal and an ultrasound, which showed that it was growing but my ENT said that I should continue to check every 6 months. I've had my blood drawn and always get normal results. I've had some of the symptoms that are typical with thyroid problems..but they can be from anything really. I noticed that my goiter has become bigger especially on my right side.

Well yesterday I had my ultrasound and went to see my ENT this morning for the results and my goiter has increased in size. I know he said my right side is 3.5 cm and said I need to have it taken out. I kind of figured this was going to be said eventually I noticed that it has been increasing every year. I was wondering how is the thyroidectomy. Any surgery side effects? He also told me about taking hormone replacement pills? I'm really bad at remembering pills...what would happen if I missed one? What about recovery? I'm curious. I would rather ask someone who has been through the experience than the doctor (sometimes they'll tell you what you want to hear). I'm curious to know what can cause my goiter to grow bigger????

Thanks in advance! 


I had a goitre anfd had it removed last year in august as it was putting pressure on my airways when i did exercise. The surgeon said the cause was pure bad luck. I cant give you details about cause i dont know much. My goitre spread across my whole neck so it just look like i had a fat neck. Post surgery your neck has limited movement. Can still move it and stuff just really slowly. Sleeping can be a little awkward for the first couple of weeks. I take my tablets on the morning so i leave by my bedside. Its the first thing i do in the morning. My levels arent right yet so still working on that. I dont think i have many issues without a thyroid gland. I was trying to find information the calcium side of it when i found this site. I did wear a scarf for months after cause my scar is pretty big. Hope that helps in some way.