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My wife recently told me she is pregnant.  This is an unplanned pregnancy.  My question relates to the timing of her pregnancy in regard to her cycle and when we last had sex.

On the 5th of June my wife told me that her period was starting.  The reason she told me this was because in the previous month we had had unprotected sex and she wanted me to know that she wasn't pregnant.  On the 11th of June we were having sex and the condom broke.  On the 12th and 13th of June we had protected sex using a condom.  On the 14th of June I left the country on an extended work trip and this was the last time I saw my wife (we have since been communicating by telephone).  On the 4th of July my wife told me she had been to the doctor and been told that she was pregnant.

Basically, if my wife is being completely open with me, she became pregnant when we had sex 6 days following the start of her period, when the condom broke.  I really want to trust my wife but I know that it is very unlikely for a woman to conceive through intercourse this shortly after the start of their cycle.  I wonder whether she did not have her period on the 5th of June, when she told me she did.  Or, worst case, my wife had unprotected sex with somebody else after I left for my work holiday and this is why she is pregnant. 

I know the easy thing to do would be to talk to my wife about this.  The trouble is that it is obviously a very hard time for my wife considering she has just found out she is pregnant.  I don't think this is a good time for a husband to start asking questions as if I don't trust her, especially as I am on the other side of the world right now.

I would be grateful for any advice that anyone has.



Hi Mac,

You forget, your sperm can survive about 5 days in the vagina/uterus.  So, day 11 is a very possible time for ovulation to occur.

Your right.  It does sound like you don't trust her, but it is possible.

Hope it helps.