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it started like 2 days ago. I feel this weird tingling sensation and somehow my legs feel weak. it's not painful at all, it actually feels weird. and then when i take a pee it burns. what could this be? are these just related to uti? im not gonna have my insurance till afer 2 weeks. what should i do?


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When i first read your post i thought of a trapped nerve in bum area.
Then you said burning when you pee. So that hints to Cystitis.
Not sure on the bum an leg funny feelings.

Are you female or male?

Woman get cystitis alot, but its not as common for a man to get it.
My partner,even tho he has never had it tells me it is more painfull for men.
Guess most illness are for men HA HA its a man thing. :-D


Hi. Any updates on this? As I have the Same. After I ejacukate is when the burning sensation in penis appears for several minutes. The feeling your describing in your legs would it make sense to say feels like the beginning if an orgasm. The weird sensation you get from that? Cuz that's what mine feels like am really worried.