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Hi there,
I have had this tiny red spot on my hand since I was 14 and didn't think anything of it. I am now 24 and have noticed within the past year more appearing. There tiny red dots and if i push them they disappear and reappear afterwards. There like little blood dots about pin prick size. There not freckels as there red.

I'm a little worried and just wondered if anyone new what they were and how i could get rid of them. I went to see a demotologist and she said they birth marks appearing now, but i have them on both hands and a couple on my wrist. i was'nt convinced by what she said.

does anyone have any advice or knows what they are



Those sound like blood spots. They're tiny spots where patches of blood tried to get through, usually due to stress on that tissue. It's harmless to have and most of the time, they go away. It doesn't sound like yours are going away, but you don't have to worry about any health condition.