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Hey everyone, I'm 25, I have these very small red spots on my penile shaft that are not painful and do not itch. I kept picking at them and I couldn't tell if I "popped" them but one slightly bled and they are still there. They don't look like blisters or crusty. I know what herpes feels/looks like bc I got it on my face from wrestling in college. I also have what appeared to be chiggers around my ankles and knees and that has also spread throughout other places on my body such as my butt/waistline, bellybutton, and parts of my arm. Most of these have itch pretty bad, but some have not at all. My lymph nodes in the left side of my groin are slightly swollen and sore. I also had sort of a congestion thing too with a sore throat, but that seems to have subsided. However, I still feel pretty tired at times. I was freaking out about an STD, but when I went to the doctor he immediately said it looked nothing like an STD when he saw the spots and I was fine. They are spread out at least a half an inch and don't look clustered. He said it could be scabies or some kind of mite so he prescribed me antibiotics and prednisone which I started yesterday. The last time I was sexually active was about 6 wks ago with my girlfriend at the time, and she had been tested for STD's while we were together which came back negative. Does the doctor sound right on all of this and it's not something to worry about? I've been having other personal issues going on with family so this stuff is just kind of compounding on top of all that.2 hours ago-4 days left to answer. I also forgot to mention that my doc said it could also be folliculitus. The red dots on my penis have been there for about 3 days now. As far as the lymph nodes in the groin, I stay very active in sports and thought I might've stretched a muscle around there this past Saturday- not sure if that's the cause for them to be like they are.


Sorry guys, I didn't mean to put the "2 hours ago-4 days to answer" in there.