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I've had a look around online trying to find out what is going I with my nipplesbut I seem to get some mixed results and not always exactly what I have.

 I had my period and went back on the pill then a week later my left nipple became quite sensitive and erect, then not long after both have been hard nearly all the time (about a week and a half to 2 and a half weeks). The tips seem paler and 'mottled' compared to normal and they seem to settle down and aren't rest if I have something covering them but if they aren't covered (or even if I have a quick peak to see if they still like it) they seem to get hard straight away again.

I'm 25 and have been on the same pill for 7 years with no issues but could this be something relating to my pill?

Also, I did wash a lot of my bras between me starting on the pill again and this starting so I thought I could be reaction to the wash powder but since this started I haven't wore a bra that was washed that day but they are still like it.

The rest of my breast is fine, no soreness or pain, and my nipples only hurt a bit id I 'prod' them to see if they hurt, they don't hurt with my bra/clothes touching them.




Another thing to add, as I don't know if it makes a difference, is that i do have a BMI of about 19, as I seem to lose weight very easily if I don't keep an eye on what i eat (weight loss not intentional I just seem to have a high metabolism as I eat a lot at times but I didn't even put weight on over Christmas)