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I had gallbladder surgery 6 weeks ago. For the last few days I seem to bloat every time I eat something. I am taking a dose of Maalox to help, but I am wondering if this is normal. I am miserable!!! I try to eat as I lost 12 lbs after surgery. I was not overweight so I really didn't need to lose that weight. Any suggestions?


Hello! It takes several weeks for your body to take over the job of what your gallbladder did! Thus things get backed up a bit while everyone trains for their new duties!! - so to speak! I have found a few links for you to take a look at for your diet

This one is a little more biased about NOT having surgery but is pretty informative!!!

It will take your body and yourself to overcome this but you CAN! My dad had is Gall Bladder removed 5 years ago and has ZERO problems now! Soon you will feel that your bloating was worth not having the pain anymore! So I wish you good health and please keep me updated on how you are doing OK? Good luck hon!