A new study done by the Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) found that oral tissue piercings fracture teeth and increase dental complications in early adulthood and warned that teens should think twice before getting their tongue or lips pierced.

About 15 to 20 % of teens who have oral piercings are at high risk for both tooth fractures and gum disease, which in turn may lead to front tooth loss later in life.

High risk of fractures was not found in other age groups with piercing, nor in teens without oral piercing.

The researchers suggested the kids should think twice before getting an oral piercing as it could lead to easily preventable health complications and, in some rare cases, even death.

Swelling and inflammation of the area can cause edema, which disturbs the respiratory tract and tooth fracture and accompanying periodontal complications can be long-term.

Since the youngsters are always playing with the piercing on their tongue or lip, there is a repeated trauma to the area of the gum. Playing with the jewelry prolongs the trauma to the mouth and can be a precursor to anterior tooth loss.

While the youngsters with oral piercing are very concerned about body image, they are unaware of the possible risks piercings can cause.