Tonsillectomy& adenoids removed, 13 yrs old. My daughter had this done. Try to do it in the summer when you have no where to go. It took a little over two full weeks to recover. It was very rough for her because she is very sensitive to condine and narcotics, so could only do extra strength tylonol. Couldn't do it, we were in the ER twice, At first she couldn't eat or drink at all because we couldn't manage her pain, so back to the ER for iv fluids, sterioids and Advil. That helped, but you much take meds every 4-6 hours or your in trouble. We got behind and back to the ER for more Advil. They won't let you take otherwise which would have worked way better than tylonol. Anyway scabs prevented much from going down. Lost 15 pounds. Day 12 was the turn around and scabs were dissolving and able to eat a little. Really rough without proper pain management, but she can breathe and eat better now. Had to be done.