My ten year old daughter went in a week ago today to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out. She did well that night. Drank and took meds. Are a little food. Day 2 similar. Day three she won't take medicine. She wouldn't eat. Drank a few sips at a time. Day 3,4. The same she wouldn't take pain meds. Was able to drink a little. Day 5,6,7. She has been drinking much better still not talking hasn't for a week. She still won't take pain meds. She has lost weight, she has tried to eat. Still says it hurts. She is in tears trying most food. But she says she's so hungry she gets discouraged then won't try any food for a while. I'm just wondering how long is she not going to be able to eat. She hasn't complained of any way pain. I'm hoping she starts to eat soon. She seems in better spirits today.