I am 17 years old and today is the 8th day after my tonsils got taken out.

The healing process in my throat is going extremely well. Even on the first day I was able to eat. Since then I was able to eat every day, and I ate A LOT. My Throat was sore on the first few days and swallowing caused discomfort. 2 days ago in the evening I had no pain at all after eating. Eating seems to take the pain away (painkillers didn't work that much). Then yesterday (day 7) I stopped taking my painkillers because it didn't hurt much anymore. Today, day 8, I barely feel any pain at all. On a scale from 1-10 I would say my pain equals 1.

So yeah, I can eat everything again. The white layer on top of the area where my tonsils were is nearly gone. To make it shorter, I feel nearly normal again. So in 2 days I think I should be fully recovered seeing how well I'm doing now.

My question, do you guys think I can drink beer or even harder stuff? What about smoking? And how much is okay, one beer, one cigarette? I am aware of the fact that I am only 17. No need to go mad. 

I will keep my activity to a minimum and just sit around in the pub, just in case.