Day 1 was OK, painful but OK. Day 2 was OK as long as I took the painkillers as subscribed. Day 3 was when the real pain began. Day 4 was even worse, but I managed to get through the day just by taking one more paracetamol than I was supposed to. Day 5 was horrible, that was truly the worst day during the whole process, I took 14 painkillers that day, I was supposed to take 8, and I could take 10 if I needed some to get some sleep during the night, but even with 14 painkillers the pain was horrible, I spent a lot of time in bed that day. Day 6 was about the same as day 4. Day 7 was when things started getting a lot better. Day 8 was quite good, i was taking less painkillers. Day 9 was the first day I managed to eat real food again, and I was so happy, I had to take 2 painkillers first, but it felt so good afterwards. Day 10 was good, I could eat real food, I was still a bit careful about spicy food and juice, but I felt quite good, I could even eat pizza (and of course I ate to much). Day 11, I had more energy, stil not enough to clean the house, but I could sleep all night, and I didn't need more than 2 painkillers that day. Day 12 and 13 were pretty much the same, not a lot of pain, and only one paracetamol in the morning. Day 14 I feel fine, yawning still hurts a bit, and so does sticking my toung out, but other then there's not much to complain about exept from the exhaustion.
If you want to know more, then visit my blog, I actually started it because I was so bored during the recovery.

There will be other stuff there to, but I'll make sure it's easy to locate.
Good luck anyway

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