Well day one wasn't terrible, I freaked out upon waking up from antestesia in a panic they gave me some Ativan to calm me Down. It was scary! I keep feeling like there is a flap of skin moving around when I breathe it makes it quite difficult at times. Idk if it's normal or not, but it's really annoying. I can only sleep sitting up in the recliner because if I lay flat I cannot breathe that flap of skin or whatever it is relaxes to much and cuts my airways anybody ever heard of this?? Pain has been ok most of the day it ranged between a 4out of 10 to a 7 out of 10. They gave me percocet to take for pain, unfortunately it's in pill form so i've got to find creative ways to crush it into something, I can't do the applesauce thing it's just to horrible, the texture is too thick or something. I've been drinking an all natal 100% berry smoothie, it helps fill me up and hopefully keep me from throwing up. I made a great investment and purchased an ice shaver aka snow cone maker for $25 greatest puchase ever! Ice is the single most important thing I've been sucking down. It's a half grape gatoraid half water concoction I'd say its keeping me hydrated pretty well. Well we'll see how tomorrow goes!