Hello all. I would describe myself as a normally healthy 22 year old women. Up until recently I would only have throat issues maybe once year with me visiting the doctor only after tea and honey wouldn't soothe the pain. In December of 2011 I came down with a case of Strep Throat and there the fun began....Hahah to classify it as fun. My tonsils decided to become enlarged and for the better part of the year I was in and out seeing the ENT for relief. The relief has yet to come. Having surgery on Monday October 22nd I will give you a detailed timeline of what's occurred since then. Day of surgery: At the hospital my mother and I sat around until the doctors came in and briefed us on what would occur. I was in a gown and soon the nures came and placed my IV and I was wheeled away for the surgery. In the room I was moved to another bed, given a mask and lights off. After my slumber I felt real anxious and was wheeled somewhere else to finish waking up. I started coughing really bad and blood was going everywhere and someone came and gave me a breathing treatment. I soon then was wheeled to the original room where my mom and I hung before surgery. I soon felt my tongue was taking up my whole mouth and couldnt breath and signaled for a nurse and was placed on oxygen. That was annoying because I had also had some nasal work done and the tubing was uncomfortable. My mom soon joined me in waiting to be released. I was cold and the pain wasn't horrible. After understanding the orders, walking and using the restroom I was released. I got home and my Mom had me drink water throughout the day. Resting wasn't too hard the first day because I was so drowsy. My Mom also placed my pain pills with applesauce. Sleep was a given after the long day. Day 2: Setting a routine gives you a bit of a edge to make things easier. When you sleep. Sleep. When you are awake drink. I love applesauce. It is my best friend. It has become a full meal to me. Aids in meds and I just love it. I was sore day 2 and needed to learn how to clean phlegm from my throat. It is not like you can cough, and clear your throat type of deal. I tried chicken broth. Omg horrible. It gave me horrible heartburn and I felt that my throat was on fire. I needed the antacid meds in addition to my pain meds to get thru the day Day 3: Pain is usually worse in the morning and evening. Today I tired Creme of Wheat and pudding and it tasted gross. At least not painful. I was nauseous last night around 9 and again around the same time today. I hops this isn't a pattern. I also tired ice cream today. Day 4: Usual routine of meds, hydration and sleep. A full bowl of ice cream and had the strength to make phone calls. I also made real mash potatoes. Yummy Day 5: I became very hungry and wanted chicken strips, French fries and banana split. Haha it was a failed attempt but it was yummy. Day 6: I feel like c**p today. My throat is so swollen and nothing is helping. This might be because I'm cutting back on the pain pills but I feel horrible. My ears also have begun to hurt. Today has been dedicate to an elevated resting area, and ice pack under my neck. I've grown tIred of the Tv so I've been lísteníng to Pandora.