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Hey im 22yr old and im to have my tonsillectomy in about 8day and im so afraid.. I think im making myself crazy just by making sure i have all the info i need be for the big day gets here..... im getting mines done due to problems with them and having problems with them makes it hard for my asthma.....

Now that i am listening to everybody's story i don't know what to think i just know i have butterfly's and the day isn't even here yet.
Can anybody tell what the pain is like...
I think im more afraid of the bleeding can anyone tell me about that or any other info about how it was for them..


Hi Emainor
My name is Pam and I'm 47 and had my tolsils removed on the 15th of this month. First I asked the doctor for good pain meds. I can't take tylenol with codine because I'm alleric. He put me on Roxicet. You have asthma so they may put you on steroids anyway but they were my saving grace. I told the doctor I wanted something for nuasea while I was still under so I had no problem there and my pain meds didn't knock me out so I was able to drink, drink, drink. I drank at least a gallon of water a day and took my pain med on as perscribed. Don't be a hero. People don't know it but it is much easier to contol pain when you follow your schedual rather than trying to catch up because your pain is too much to handle. I set my alarm and took my meds at night and went to bed with two cups of ice water and drank through the night. As for my pain. The first 9 days were bearable maybe a 5. Again, drink, drink, drink. The only things I liked the taste of were sweet tea and grape shaved ice and water. I don't really like grape but you'll find you taste buds will have gone on holiday. Stay away from dairy products they make phelm. I ate as I could I put applesauce on toast and chewed the c**p out of it. I ate canned pears and mashed potaos. Soup was the best but not too hot. My pain didn't really get bad until my steroid ran out. On day 7 seven I took my last steriod on day nine I called the doctor crying because the pain was so bad. I don't cry because of pain ever so it was pretty bad. Don't be affaid to call you doctor if your pain meds don't work. You are the only one who knows. It is now day 13 and I'm off the heavy pain meds and onto plain tylenol. Still can't taste and I have pain in my ear( hot compress helps) but my pain is almost gone. Your throat will be digusting but it gets better if you eat and drink. Mine is still not done yet but gets better everyday. Brush your teath and drink, drink, drink. Good luck and I hope this helped.



I just posted my experience (check todays posts) which has not been a good one but everyone is different.

There are always risks with this operation, blood clots and infection.
You may be fine, you may not, unfortunately there is no way to tell how its going to go

I am not trying to scare you, I am just being honest, hopefully everything will be fine and healing will be normal :-)

Make sure you have nothing to do for at least two weeks following the op, you may need longer if there are complications afterward.