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Before my surgery I read a number of blogs, which were all helpful, so I thought I would start one to help others too. My surgery was 2 days ago and so far it is not as bad as I expected. My throat has definitely been sore, but if you have ever had strep throat it is not much different than that. I have not been as exhausted as I thought I would, and I have to actually make myself stay in bed at this point so I don't overexert myself. If you stay on top of your medicine schedule it is very manageable. I set my alarm at night to stay on track with every 4 hours of meds. Ice chips have been my best friend - a great way to keep hydrated without too much pain. But, I have had a lot of gatorade (also try making gatorade ice and crushing into small pieces) and chicken/vegetable broth too. Get a humidifier to use while you sleep too. Another thing I did to prep for this was to get a bunch of organic vegetables & fruits and puree them into "baby food". I stuck them in small tupperware containers and put in the freezer so they can just be warmed up in the microwave when I am able to take on soft food. I tried butternut squash yesterday, but it was too stringy for me at this point. Other good veggies/fruits to puree: peas, pear, peaches, spinach, beans. So far it is not too bad. Will keep updating this as the days progress.


Very cool to hear things are going somewhat well for you so far, my day one wasnt too bad day two again so so but it sorta got worse as time passed (now on day 6) hardest part for me is sleeping and swallowing.

I am on liquid lortab and its every 4 hrs (after 2 hrs i cant swallow and am in pretty good amount of pain till next dose), called docs 2x on it asking for something else or stronger or something i can take alternately (this stuff BURNS going down) but keep getting told take the lortab every 4 hrs :-(

I too have a humidifer going all the time here (3 actually) and sleep with one on my cpap machine as well, I have a baby here so am thinking of trying her food (don't laugh) but heck I still have trouble with water much less foods.

Bill :-)