Hey everyone, just wanted to let anyone going through post tonsillectomy pain to just hang on. Lol. I am an 18 year ols female and had mine done a week ago today. Day 1 was the easiest, day 2 was pretty bad, days 3-5 were my worst days, pain level went down on day 6 and I wasn't relying on pain medicine. I am now on day 7, lost my right scabbing. Still have a bit on the left. The pain worsens at night and morning. Pancakes! I smashed up pancakes, DRENCHED them in syrup, and heated them in the microwave for 1 minute. Omg, best choice I ever made. I have been living off of them. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for him to check my throat out which is scary because my jaw is so stiff it hurts so I have been doing the gum chewing. My doctor said my tonsils were the worst he has seen and that my recovery would be very painful compared to alot. I've spent days and nights bawling my eyes out and not talking. I cannot wait for it to be over. Thank gosh I just graduated and do not have to worry about school! Everyone hang in there!