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I had a total hip replacement in 8/5/2013, I have done all my exercises that I was suapposed to do and even had physical therapy and I still experience swelling on the left upper leg area and pain in the left knee and 2 days after surgery I had blistering below the incision and left a nasty scar.


Hi Fiftyfifty,

It may be possible that the prosthetic was not fitted properly.  They come in different sizes to accomodate different bone sizes.  The hip replacement may not be at the right angle either.  At this point in time you shouldn't be feeling any pain and should be getting around nicely.  Blistering below the incision site suggests you had inflammation and possibly an infection.  I don't know what your hip replacement is made of but some people are allergic to some components.  Some are made of ceramic type materials and others are made of metal.  I don't know which type you have nor the manufacturers name to take a look a the model to get more information.