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I guess I am one of the lucky ones, I just had the remainder of my thyroid removed (second surgery) and besides being sleepless at 3am and being a little on the adressive side the last few days, Im doing great!
Its only been five days but am up and around and have so far seen little side affects. I need to talk to my difficult surgeon, because he placed me on massive amounts of calcium, and I am having a feeling he either damaged the para or just didnt bother telling me he took that out along with the rest which is a whole other story (arg!). I am waiting for the other shoe to drop but until then will remain on synthroid (full 1.0) and the calcium and try not to bite someones head off! XD


I feel such sympathy for you.

I had my thyroid gland successfully removed one year ago. I got 4 opinions before I went thru with the surgery. Fortunately, I was advised by a reputable surgeon from a reputable teaching surgeon that I should have a total thyroid removal rather than a partial removal. I'm not sure why your surgeon would have done a partial. All of the persons that I consulted advised against a partial removal, because problems could occur later. I was also told that the calcium test, given shortly after the surgery, is not a permanent condition. My calcium levels were fine. Have you been re-tested for the calcium since you were given the supplement? Again, a second opinion sounds like your solution. Your mood issues likely have to do with your thyroid meds. They have to be closely monitored so that the doctor can get you on the right dosage. You shouldn't be feeling that way...I hope you are working with your endocrinologist to get your meds straight. Please let me know how it's going. Perhaps this community can support you further.