On August 11th I had a lump and partial thyroid removal. On August18th I was told that I need to have the other thyroid removed because the biopsy showed non-invasive carcimona cells. I had a fine needle aspiration in June and was told that it showed no cancer cells. But the lump was 4.2cm and I was afraid that it would keep growing so I had it removed. The results from the surgery were good but the total biopsy done after surgery showed different. Now I have both removed and feel great, My hair has returned to normal and I hope that it starts growing back the way it was.I had no pain after both surgeries from the cut. My calcuim levels were good when I left the hospital. No tireness, depression, sluggishness or sleepiness. I was having a lot of trouble with staying hot but that has stopped too. I feel great. I had the second surgery Sept 8th. No even a month after the 1st one. I am 58 years old and this was my first surgery.